AMBA's sewage network monitoring

Monitoreo de red cloacal de AMBA

FDX Ingeniería is the supplier of the monitoring system for the main sewage network of AMBA, Argentina. Our IoT data loggers withstand the extreme conditions inside the sewage pipes, together with the monitoring system, they provide the necessary tools for real time decision making.

Today the sewer network has more than 190 monitoring points, marking a large-scale project success story and an important milestone that continues to expand for FDX Ingeniería.

The network extends from the Tigre district in the north to Berazategui in the south of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires through hundreds of kilometers of subterranean canals. These canals are up to 4 meters in diameter and interconnect with each other.

It is extremely necessary to know the load of these pipes at all times, in order to make the best decisions and keep the drainage system in optimal conditions.

Always one step ahead

Monitoreo de red cloacal de AMBA
Real-time monitoring is possible thanks to the IoT technology, with which FDX Ingeniería’s data loggers are provided, and to the FDX-CLOUD cloud, to visualize any variable at any time. Data transmission is done through different communication networks available at the measurement site, the most common being the mobile network. We have also implemented customer projects with technologies such as LoRa, which is beginning to gain popularity due to its long transmission range and low power consumption.

In this project, FDX Ingeniería’s devices send their data through the mobile network using 2G/3G/4G networks because they are installed in urban areas with good signal and coverage by the mobile network. Currently, we have started to install loggers with NB-IoT and LTE-CAT-M1 technology, improving the energy consumption of the devices and, therefore, their autonomy.

The monitoring and management areas of the company that manages the sewage network have a defined profile in FDX-CLOUD that allows them to make the best decisions with the support of graphs, reports and Big Data statistics. FDX-CLOUD also provides the information from the sewer network to the corporate monitoring SCADA, providing another layer of integration with the existing tools of any company.

What are loT data logger?

Monitoreo de red cloacal de AMBA

They are the devices that collect information and then send it to the FDX-CLOUD cloud using the mobile network.

In this case, they are designed to work in the aggressive atmosphere found in sewers, withstanding prolonged flooding and exposure to highly corrosive gases thanks to their IP68 protection.

They are capable of operating for more than a year in these extreme conditions without maintenance because the internal batteries and their ultra low power consumption mode prolong their useful life.

These devices adapt to any sensor with data transmission through 4-20mA current loop, and can be used with radar or ultrasonic probes. Also available is the version with built-in ultrasound sensor that improves by 75% the power consumption, thus extending the autonomy to almost 2 years.

They use the mobile network in the 2G/3G/4G bands to transmit the measured levels in real time. Internal network selection policies are adopted as available at the time of transmission, selecting the best option in terms of power consumption and network availability.

In case the mobile network is not available, the data is stored in the internal memory, with capacity for 1 year of data, to be sent or downloaded via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth by a mobile device.

The monitoring system of the largest sewage network in Argentina represents a great success story for FDX Ingeniería. We expect to continue with the expansion and integration of new sensors, such as overflow detection, weather stations and measurement of other variables with data loggers and IoT loggers.