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Hot spots temperature Monitoring
and Collection system

The key of the predictive Maintenance

Monitoreo temperatura en puntos calientes
In electrical distribution systems or large industrial plants, there are several critical pieces of equipment that are part of the assets of these companies, which must be maintained to continue providing service.

Equipment maintenance is usually performed using one of the following maintenance strategies:
Maintenance Strategy
Maintenance is performed after the failure has occurred.
All parts are replaced every certain established period of time.
Only parts that have reached the end of their service life or are in suboptimal condition are replaced or adjusted.
It is carried out based on the analysis of data from sensors and the prediction of the useful life of the equipment.

Although the latter has been known for years, in recent times it has been possible to apply these techniques thanks to the reduction of costs in data collection through the use of communication and acquisition systems based on the IoT (Internet of things) philosophy and the increase in the potential of computational calculation. All this leads us to a new industrial era, Industry 4.0.

In FDX Ingeniería we contribute to the development of industry 4.0, presenting a system for monitoring and collecting temperature data in hot spots for low, medium and high voltage equipment. The hot spots monitoring system FDX-HS.

FDX-HS is based on wireless temperature sensors, without batteries, without current circulation and reduced size that allow measurement at points that until now were not possible to measure with regular thermography such as medium voltage switchgear poles, medium voltage bus bars, etc.

These sensors also have a competitive advantage over hardwired systems for temperature data collection in low voltage switchgear because they reduce the amount of wiring required for sensors such as PT100 or thermocouples. 

The FDX-HS system has two types of sensors.

  • FDX-HS-ST is a sensor of reduced dimensions for equipment where space is very important.
  • FDX-HS-SL is ideal for outdoor environment, with a longer range and is used in electrical machines such as disconnectors or transformers.

Both sensor models communicate to an antenna that depending on the boundary conditions have a range of 2 to 6 meters, which does not interfere with electrical safety standards and minimum distances recommended by the standards.

This possibility of collecting temperature data automatically provides historical series that are necessary for the training of predictive algorithms and real-time data to feed predictive analysis and automate maintenance work orders.

In addition to the already described benefits of the sensors, FDX-HS allows integration with PLC, SCADA, Database, APIs already existing in the facilities.

In this way, the company’s assets will be safe from unexpected failures and unnecessary maintenance costs will be reduced.