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Hot Spots
Monitoring System

Solution to Hot Spots

The deterioration of electrical contacts in low, medium and high voltage systems causes an over-temperature rise in certain points of the network.

These undetected hot spots eventually lead to accelerated degradation of equipment and installations.

FDX Ingeniería provides an innovative solution for temperature data collection in low, medium and high voltage power distribution systems which we call FDX-HS.

In extreme cases, they cause major accidents and unplanned outages of the electrical system.

Hot spots monitoring on circuit breakers

Small sensors make it possible to collect temperature data at points inaccessible by conventional systems, while maintaining electrical safety distance. An essential system for industry 4.0

Hot spots monitoring
MV capacitor banks

Reducing preventive maintenance costs by applying Big Data techniques and predictive maintenance algorithms. Performing maintenance when it is really necessary.

Hot spots monitoring on transformers

Real-time thermography of hot spots on outdoor electrical machines, visualizing the state of the electrical network contacts online as a function of the load.

System Architecture

Main Components


  • Without batteries
  • No current circulation
  • The smallest
  • Longest range

Monitoring Center

  • Support up to 30 sensors
  • Up to 20 alarms
  • Modbus RTU
  • Wi-Fi web interface
  • Dry contacts
  • Wide power supply range

Data Concentrator

  • Web interface
  • Database
  • Data extraction
  • Historical reports
  • Alarms monitoring
  • Wide power supply range
  • Supports reading of up to 30 FDX-HS-ST sensors.
  • Selection of three types of alarm algorithms (absolute maximum, dispersion and unbalance).
  • Up to 20 configurable alarm conditions.
  • Dry contact (relay) of system operating.
  • Two dry contacts (relays) for alarm signaling.
  • Remote alarm configuration via MODBUS.
  • Local configuration by means of a Wi-Fi connection through an embedded web.
  • Power supply 110/220 Vac/Vdc.
  • Maximum consumption less than 10W.
  • DIN rail mounting. No PLC required.